Friday, May 13, 2005


Gone fishing!

We're off on our little camping adventure, although I have my doubts that we will be able to fit everything in the car and still have room for the kids.

I swear, packing for 24 hours is as difficult if not more troublesome than packing for a week. And although we're not canoe camping deep in the heart of Algonquin Park, I have been a little freaked out over the thought of getting there and realizing we forgot something important and irreplacable, like Tristan's morning cereal bar or (god forbid) Thomas or Bob.

The good news is, the rain isn't forecasted until Saturday. The bad news is, the temperature is going to top out around 14 degrees. I guess we can leave our bathing suits behind!

I had a bad moment last night when I almost called the whole thing off. I had a vision of them waking up at their usual 5:15 am or so, and having NO TELEVISION to placate and stupefy them. Good grief, we'll have to stagger out of bed, and probably out of the cabin, and play with them or something. In the rain. At about 6 degrees. Yikes!