Wednesday, May 18, 2005


WW progress report #1

Don't run screaming never to come back, I promise I won't subject you to weekly weigh-ins and mercurial reports on my weight watchers progress. But sheesh, I gotta come up with something to write about every day.

As I mentioned last week, I've become quite neurotic about counting up my points. I have 22 points per day to spend, and on the day I joined, I spent 40 points. Day two saw mild improvement at 36 points, and by Wednesday and Thursday I had myself under control at 30 and 30.5 points. By then I had completely blown my weekly discretional points. I also stopped counting mid-day on Friday, not coincidentally the same time that we departed for our camping adventure. There was just no need to know how many points' worth of marshmallows, hot dogs and beverages were consumed.

Having said that, imagine my surprise when I stepped onto the scale yesterday morning to find I'd actually lost two pounds! Holy crap, it worked!!

So I am back to diligently tabulating the points values for everything I eat. It's getting old quickly. Did you know that while there are 10 points in my precious Tim Hortons choco-chip muffin, you still get dinged for 8 points if you get a dry bagel with one peanut butter square? There's not a whole lot of inspiration to give up the muffin for a lousy two points that I can walk off on the way to the bus. Sure, I can have the low-fat blueberry for a measly 5 points, but I'm sure if I ate some cardboard mushed up with printer toner it would give me the same oral satisfaction and transient satiation for even less points.

And did you also know that when Beloved saw how much time I spent on the WW Web site hunting down the point values for every food I might consider eating in the next year, compounded with the amount of time I already spend on my blog habit, he lost all his hair?

Well, not really. He just went for a hair cut and told them to go nuts with the number 1 clippers to have a breezy and easy care new 'do for the summer. But I'm sure it's no coincidence.