Monday, September 26, 2005


Falling through September

It's officially fall now. (Am I supposed to capitalize Fall? As a rule I think I overcapitalize, but it looks so insignificant with its lowercase "f".) You wouldn't really notice summer is done, since it's been warm and lovely and mostly nice, if it weren't for the darkness creeping in earlier each night and staying longer each morning. Andrea wrote a nice bit the other day about how she is like a tree and takes her cues on the changing seasons from the changing light levels. (Sorry, I didn't link directly to that post, but there are worse things you could do on a rainy Monday morning than ramble through Andrea's archives.)

Every season, including F(f)all, is my favourite season -- for the first two weeks. I love the change. Yes, me who suffers heart palpitations at the mere thought of change. Even though I adore summer above all else, after weeks of sunshine and disruption and indulgence fall comes as a bit of a relief. Fall means back to school, back to work, back to routines and schedules - and I love routines and schedules even more than I hate change.

Plus, I love the change in wardrobe. I'm not much of a clothes horse, but I could go crazy in the stores when they start pulling out those plaid kilts and rich tweeds and jewel-toned sweaters for fall. After trying all summer to find the right ensemble that will look professional, not wilt in the heat and not give me heat stroke during the 30+C stifling bus ride home, being able to pull out the layers of fall is a treat.

I also welcome the return of seasonal foods. I find that outside our ubiqutous take-out fillers, we eat certain foods only in certain seasons. I made a pot of chili last week, something I haven't done since April even though it's one of the few things I can cook reliably. Same with roast beef (although the reliability on that one is a little sketchy.)

In this month's Chatelaine magazine I found a good half-dozen or so recipes that seem to meet our family dining requirements: so quick and simple a ten-year-old could cook them, with few ingredients found in all major grocery stores, and containing foods that Simon if not Tristan might actually consider eating. Tonight I'm test-driving rotini with roasted squash, tomatoes, olives and creamy chevre. I am so full of enthusiasm in the first two weeks of the season that I will even try a new recipe on a weeknight. It's nearly miraculous.

What's your cue that it's officially (F)fall? Back to school? Darkened mornings? New TV season? (I could go on for paragraphs more on that one. Anybody catch the new Survivor? Looks like a great season. And Amazing Race starts tonight. And Desperate Housewives and LOST are back, too. Oh glorious box, how I love your comforting glow as the evenings linger!)