Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Am on my last little bit of free time this trip, so of course I am blogging. Unfortunately for me, I am on a 40 kbs dial-up connection and I think Seminole signals across the mountains would get the message across more quickly than this. This may in fact be my shortest blog ever. But probably not.

Had the ultra cool experience of taking the Helijet over to Victoria (click on the link, you can see the Sikorsky helicopter I flew on) this morning, and back again tonight. My cousin is a helicopter pilot, but this was my first time in one. A lifetime of traditional flying makes you completely unprepared for the alarming drop out of the sky that is landing in a helicopter. Well worth the price of admission! Will have to pester my cousin for more free rides in the future!

Since it has taken me three eons to write this much, I am done. Not sure whether my brain or the modem is more sluggish, but between the two of them I am writing at the speed of a very tired turtle. Past the half way point of the trip now, and just trying hard not to think too much about my babies back home…