Monday, November 14, 2005


Don't read this if you're eating breakfast

Ugh. I'd have to be feeling pretty crappy to not want to blog. Yep, feeling pretty darn crappy this morning. I think I picked up some sort of stomach bug in Toronto this weekend. Poor Simon yakked all over himself and his car seat about 40 minutes from my brother's place on Friday, so I'm guessing there is something going around.

And by the way, thank my lucky stars that it was my mother and not Beloved in the car when it happened. Beloved - well, let's just say he doesn't exactly shine in a crisis, and I'm glad my mother was riding shotgun when Simon started hurling on the 401 in rush-hour traffic.

(In retrospect, it was pretty funny, what with Tristan screeching "My brother is barfing! He just barfed again!", followed by a very panicked gag of his own. My mother interrupted her ongoing "It's okay, it's okay" patter of reassurance to both Simon and me to tell Tristan "Just look out the window. Don't look at Simon. Ooo, look at all those big trucks." What a scene.)

Anyway, this is both probably the most unappetizing blog I've ever written, plus way more than I was intending to write. I had booked today off as a personal day to get organized after our trip and to start getting ready for Christmas, so I'm kind of annoyed be feeling so blah on a day I was supposed to have to myself. Maybe a nice nap and some mindless daytime TV will make me feel better.

Come back later, and we'll find something a little more cheerful to discuss...