Friday, January 06, 2006


Puppy love

Beloved called me at work last Friday after he dropped the boys off at daycare. There's a little girl named Madison who is there two of their three days, and has been for at least two years now. Beloved said as soon as they came in the door, Madison was saying, "Take off your coat and come and play with me, Tristan!" She was practically dancing in her enthusiasm.

I "awwww"ed appropriately, and promptly forgot about it. That afternoon, I was on pickup duty. I had Tristan's coat, boots and hat on and was struggling to do the same for Simon when I noticed Tristan and Madison standing by the front door, holding hands and smiling serenely.

After I picked my jaw up of the floor, I caught Bobbie's eye and asked her how long that had been going on. She gave me one of those, "I am as surprised as you" looks and said they'd been like that all day.

His first girlfriend, and he's not even four. Truly, is that not adorable?

It's the blissfully innocent smiles they had on their faces, not looking at each other but standing side by side staring off into space that is so exquisitely cute. I remember my first crush. (Don't roll your eyes - my blog, my sap. Deal with it.) His name was Mark Neci-Ghirri or something like that, and we were in the first grade together. My mother still tells the story of how I came home one day and announced that when we got married, Mark and I would come and live with Mommy and Daddy.

Tristan hasn't mentioned Madison at all this week, so I'm wondering how things are going over at Bobbie's place today. I'm hoping she comes from money - it's about time somebody in the family learned to marry for money instead of love. She seems like good daughter-in-law material, though. He could do much worse.