Friday, March 24, 2006


Now it's YOUR turn to be on TV!

A producer from TLC sent me an e-mail wondering if I would help publicize his casting call for a new parenting reality show. Here's his official pitch:
Britain’s hit parenting series is coming to the States!
TLC and Outline Productions are working
on the first American season of
“The House of Tiny Terrors”
We would like to hear from all families and
single parents with children between the ages of
18 months and 8 years old who wish to take part.
Whatever your parenting dilemmas or problems –
we may be able to help!
If you would like some more information,
contact us at:
or 646.216.4348
No commitment is needed at this stage and
all calls will be treated in the strictest confidence.
He also gave this description of the show:
An international TV first, this exciting new format takes parenting television to a totally new dimension by fusing reality TV with observational documentary to observe families solving their behavioral problems. This is not reality TV. This is reality with a purpose. Three families will be selected with toddlers and young children, each suffering from a parenting problem. They will be invited to a residence in the UK where they will learn the skills they need to turn their lives around in just six days. The house consists of a living area, a garden with a gazebo, conservatory, deck, and playground that the families will all share. Each of the families will also have their own private suite with master bedroom, children’s room, and bathroom.

Our ideal families have children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years old. We would love to hear from all families: single parents, alternative lifestyle parents, teen parents, ethnic minority parents, anyone and everyone!
My first question was whether they would accept Canadian applicants - it's an ongoing sore point that we have never missed an episode of Survivor, and it is considerably more popular here in Canada than in the States, and yet the show does not accept applications from Canadians. The gentleman from TLC said they were looking to cast from the tri-state area (that's just on the other side of the Great Lakes, right?) for the pilot, but didn't see why they wouldn't accept Canadian applicants if the show is picked up.
It sounds like fun - heck, I'd sign on just for the free 6 day trip to Britain!!
If you get to be (in)famous from this, make sure you wear a T-shirt with my URL on it or something, okay?