Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Performance anxiety

I had this great big post half-written about blogs - biz blogs, political blogs, personal blogs, every kind of blog you can think of. I had links and stats from Technorati, I even had tables and charts. It was a thing of beauty.

But it was boring. Yawn. Maybe I'll post it some day. But it's not what I wanted to say. Not today, not right now.

Here's blogging in a nutshell for me.

You know how when you read something in the paper, or you see a great bit on TV, and you turn to someone and say, "Did you see (whatever)?" That's what blogging is to me. Turning to the Interweb and saying, "Did you hear about that? Can you believe it? What do you think about it?" And "it" can be just about whatever floats your boat - knitting, hockey, firefox, Brangelina, potty training, abortion, coffee - you name it.

And the other thing about blogging: it's addictive. Something will happen, and Beloved will look at me and say, "You're blogging this in your head, aren't you?" And he'll be right. Something about blogging gets under your skin, and whether you post every single day or just once a week or even if you just read them, they're more addictive than Lays barbeque chips. You can't read just one.

Gotta run - there's this TV thing I'm thinking about doing today.