Thursday, January 04, 2007


Tristan lends a hand

I had spent the whole day doing laundry and sorting clothes into careful piles on my bed.

I was in the kitchen finishing dinner when the boys came home. Tristan disappeared upstairs shortly after he got home, and hollered down for his brother after a few minutes.

"Simon, Simon, guess what! Our favourite jammies are clean. I just put yours on your bed!"

I stopped stirring the potatoes. I couldn't have heard that right. Did my four year old just say he was putting away the laundry?

"Tristan," I called in as neutral a voice as I could manage, "What are you doing?"

"Putting away my clothes," he called back, the pride evident in his voice.

"You put away the piles that I had on my bed?" I asked, still unable to believe what I was hearing.

"Only my own clothes, and Simon's jammies. I left yours and most of Simon's on the bed."

"Oh. Okay, thanks..." I said, incredulous and bemused and annoyed all at the same time.

Yes, my four year old took it upon himself to put his own clothes back into his drawers. When I went up later to retrieve them, he had even correctly sorted the pants, shirts, jammies and underwear into the correct drawers. I couldn't help but smile as I pulled them back out of the drawers. They had been carefully sorted on my bed for a reason... I was about to put them into a suitcase, as we were leaving the next day to visit my brother.

Think it will ever happen again? Nope, me neither.