Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The idiocy of intelligent design

A while ago, I posted a rant about creationism versus evolution and the brilliant Project Steve.

Today, I was on my favourite astronomy blog reading Phil Plait's most recent tirade on the same subject, and I think it's important reading for anybody concerned about critical thinking and what we are teaching our kids. He says, "[Creationists] want to turn our classrooms in a theocratically-controlled anti-science breeding ground, and I’m not going to sit by and watch it happen." There are a lot of comments on the post, but they are worth skimming through. Trust me on this one.

I read on the weekend that a stunning 55 per cent of Americans believe in creationism over evolution, a statistic stuns me and frankly makes me want to weep.

Please, take a minute to inform yourself about this, and do what you can to support the cause. Speak up, the time is now.