Thursday, June 02, 2005


Proud Canadian, eh?

I’m so proud.

We were at the dinner table the other night and Tristan, in response to something I can’t now recall, said, “It’s cool, eh?”

Barely three years old, and he can “eh” in context. I’m a proud Canadian mommy.

It’s funny, my otherwise patriotic father hates that affectation in my speech. I don’t remember him correcting me as a child, but he did point it out quite a few times when as a grown up I returned home for visits. Perhaps moving to the nation’s capital is what ingrained it so deeply into my linguistic rhythms.

Speaking of endearing things my preschooler says, here’s a conversational vignette from this week that my offspring will not thank me for sharing with the Internet:

Beloved, to Tristan: Get your hand out of your diaper, I’m trying to tape it up.
Tristan: It’s mine!
Me (teasing): No, it’s mine!
Tristan: No, it’s mine. I bought it for two bucks.

Heck, if I’d known they were that cheap, I’d’ve picked one up for myself by now.