Friday, May 11, 2007


To DVD or not to DVD

Two of my favourite bloggy peeps are going head to head on CBC radio next week. Andrea from a peek inside the fishbowl and Chantal from Breadcrumbs in the Butter are going to duke it out over whether portable DVD players are mother's little helper or the devil's spawn.

Myself, I've got no problem with them. I think they're a fabulous way to keep the kids entertained on an otherwise long and boring drive. For some reason, almost every drive we take is in the neighbourhood of five hours, and even watching two kid-sized movies in a five hour trip leaves lots of time for colouring, word games (we're working our way up to twenty questions), scenery-gazing and poking your brother. My only complaint is that the DVD player hogs the cigarette lighter and I have to get a splitter so I can use my iPod transmitter while the kids are watching a movie.

What do you think? Better yet, give your pro-DVD arguments to Chantal, or your anti-DVD arguments to Andrea, and tell 'em Dani sent you!