Monday, February 14, 2005


I came out this weekend

True confessions time... I came out this weekend! Well, not that kind of coming out (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but I outed myself as a blogger to a few close friends and family members. I tell ya, what a relief to have my little closet obsession out in the open. Not only that, but I no longer have to rely on the kindness of strangers for acknowledgement and feedback -- I can bully people I know into leaving comments!!

It's been a little strange telling people who know me in real life about my blog. It's one thing to want as many strangers as troll the Internet to hear my meandering muses, another thing entirely to expose myself to people I have to make small-talk with at the dinner table.

The response to my confession fell into three separate and clearly defined camps. The girlfriends reacted with enthusiasm, encouragement and compliments, just like good girlfriends should. These are the kind of girls who would tell you that your butt looks great in that polka-dotted skirt left over from 1989, and could actually make it sound sincere.

The parents were a little bewildered as to why I might be compelled to go to all the trouble, and probably a little curious as to who would care to read the vagaries of my life as a mom, but they were nonetheless supportive as usual. My mom reacts the same way Beloved does to a lot of my little "projects" (read: obsessions du jour): with polite interest and a bit of a perplexed look on her face that pretty much says, "whatever makes you happy, dear."

The final reaction was from the geeks - my brother and an old friend who works in the tech industry (edited to add: who shall from now on be referred to as ÜberGeek, as he was unsatisfied with my original citation of him). I approached them with a little more caution, because being neither girlfriends nor my parents, nor sleeping in the same bed as me, they don't have the same obligation to be kind and complimentary that the previously mentioned audiences do. And, as I expected, they were a little less than supportive. Both rolled their eyes and snickered, and expressed that blogs are the domain of alienated and lovesick 14 year old girls, and political hacks. Well hell, it's no surprise to me that I am in touch with my inner alienated and lovesick 14 year old girl!