Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Bloggy confessions redux

Yesterday’s rant on my bloggy obsessions started to run a little long, so I shut myself down. (See, there are editorial processes at work here, just very very loosely applied ones driven mostly by whimsy and caprice.)

But the question still remains… if you can’t blog at work, and you can’t blog at home, then where the heck do you blog? The answer is, everywhere. I’m constantly blogging in my head. It’s shameful to think about how many brain cells are dedicated to blog thoughts on a given day. I think about blogs (yours, mine, the ones on my blogroll, all the ones that I might add to my blogroll if only there were about six more hours in the day to explore the blogosphere) pretty damn near all the time. I do the mental blog while I am waiting for the microwave to beep, while I am making photocopies, while I am showering, while I am walking the dog. Don’t tell the boss, but I have been known to think about blogging during staff meetings. But only during the boring parts.

I’ve been thinking about what Ann over at Mother of All Blogs wrote recently about being WriterMom, and while I am not presumptuous enough to categorize myself with her as a writer, I know for a fact I have drifted in conversation to the “I’m here but not really here” thousand yard stare as I contemplate my inner-blogger. Actually, what Ann wrote is just a really great excuse for absentmindedness IMHO, for I’d rather be accused of contemplating exciting writing projects than just contemplating my navel, which is equally likely to be true.

Sometimes I even lie awake at night, thinking about things I’ve read, or things I could write. I am such a droll and witty blogger at 3 am, you wouldn’t believe it. I tried leaving a pencil and paper beside my bed, but when I read it the next morning the only word I could decipher was ‘pickle’ and despite my best effort I just couldn’t make a clever blog from that paucity of material.

True confessions time: where do you do your best blog-thinking? How many hours a day do you dedicate to blog thoughts?