Saturday, March 26, 2005


Play along with me. "I would never...."

Okay, so this is a bit of a lazy blog, but I'm having too much fun in the springtime sun with my boys to come in and write a decent entry.

As promised, here are a dozen lamebrained things I swore I'd never do before I became a parent. Heck, some of this stuff I do daily!

1. I'd never give a baby a pacifier.

2. I'd never tiptoe around the house or whisper because baby is sleeping. (Fact: I nearly throttled the mailman one day because he had the temerity to ring the doorbell during nap time.)

3. I'd never consider cheetos and olives an acceptable dinner.

4. I'd never let naptime schedule my day. (Fact: naptime is the only thing that schedules my day.)

5. I'd never say "because I said so."

6. I'd never rescue a dropped lollipop from the mall floor, lick the germs off and give it back to my hysterical toddler.

7. I'd never nurse a baby once his teeth grew in. (Fact: he's almost 14 months and I see no end in sight. Probably soon, but maybe not.)

8. I would never bribe my children with candies or other treats. (Fact: if it weren't for smarties and jelly beans, nothing would ever get done around here.)

9. I would never give my children snacks in their car seats.

10. I would never speak to my children in that annoying singsong-y voice.

11. I would never use TV as a babysitter.

12. I would never spend $20 on a little wooden train. (Fact: we have at least a dozen of them.)

So those are my confessions. Yours?