Friday, April 15, 2005



You know what I don't get? Okay, okay, you're right, the list of things I don't get is long indeed, including how magnets work, why guys don't use the instructions when assembling Ikea furniture, and why my mother is still to this day afraid I will be kidnapped and sold into white slavery. But what I don't get today, what we'll be considering right here in blog, is perfume.

Now, a nice scented soap or lotion, that's a great smell. That fruity stuff from the Body Shop - mmmmm. Good old fashioned Dove soap is just plain sexy on a guy. Speaking of menfolk, I guess I understand the after-shave thing is as much about cauterizing your shredded pores as anything, but it sure doesn't look like it feels very good.

But why does everybody want to smell like what Calvin Klein thinks you should smell like? Why spend scads of cash just so you can smell like everybody else?

I just don't get it. I'm not one of those chemically (and often emotionally) overly sensitive people who are bothered by your cologne, and I will admit that until moderately recently, I only wore makeup when it occured to me and even then sporadically. I'm not too hip with the girlie-girl stuff.

I tried. Many years ago, somebody bought me a Perry Ellis gift set, and while it was quite a pleasant scent and I used it on and off, it used to freak me out when I'd smell somebody else wearing it. I'd immediately evaluate them, wondering what kind of person they were, if they were like me, if they were somebody I wanted to share a smell with.

Do you wear perfume or cologne? How did you decide what scent you wanted as your olfactory signature? Does perfume or cologne affect your opinion of someone of the opposite sex? Educate me, I must be missing something!