Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Housekeeping, and a new toy

A few odds and sods today...

I'm endlessly curious about where some of you are coming from, and I saw this cool new toy on Tertia's blog, so I thought I'd try it out.

(Mind you, when Tertia recently asked her readers to complete a survey about themselves, more people answered in one weekend than have been to my blog in total over the last four months, so her map is going to look a whole lot more crowded than mine, I think. If it gets really pathetic, I can always make people up and stick them in exotic locales. I did get hits from Dubai and Brazil the other day, thanks to Blogger's "next blog" button. They didn't seem to hang around for long. I guess I don't have much international appeal. But I digress...)

The link is the Bravenet Guest Map button over in the sidebar, under "rainy day diversions." Come on, give it a click or two, all your friends are doing it!


Speaking of feedback, can you tell me if blog is appearing properly on your screen these days? On one computer it looks fine, but on our main computer downstairs the sidebar doesn't start until the end of the main text. Any tech advice on how to repair this? I must have put something in the sidebar that was too big for the column but I don't quite know how to fix it.


And finally, please stop using me as your weight watchers blog buddy because I am a miserable failure. A recap for those who were daydreaming during the last few entries (how could you?):

Week one: Wow! This is a terrific program! I lost two pounds the first week. Woot!
Week two: Hmphf. Gained a pound. Oh well. Better luck next week.

Which brings us to:

Week three: Stupid weight watchers. Stupid scale. Stupid computer. Stupid two more pounds.

Yes, I am now up one net pound and have exceeded my starting weight. I am no longer dewey-eyed with enthusiasm. I am now thinking there were probably a lot of much more fun things I could have done with my $85.

Sigh, I'll give it one more week. But I'd feel a stronger if I had lots of little pins in my guest map to keep my mind off doughnuts...