Friday, May 27, 2005


The one where I beg shamelessly

I've noticed around the blogosphere that some bloggers are so popular and well-loved that they get gifts from their readers. (ahem) And some of them even set up wish lists through gift registries, and people actually buy stuff and send it to them. (meaningful pause) And some readers are so loyal and so intuitive that they can discern the blogger's innermost desires and needs from their daily reading, and those loyal readers actually lavish the hard-working and deserving blogger with just that kind of gift.

I'm just sayin'.

Okay, I'm going to spell it out for you. Could y'all please take up a collection, because I really really really need to come up with $6900 Cnd to buy my very own MyRoom. According to the UK Times Online, it's a soundproofed, self-contained box that functions as a separate room within a room:
Yamaha has come up with the Avitecs MyRoom, a 2.5sq m (27 sq ft) den that can stand in the corner of the average-sized lounge and perform — albeit on a cramped scale — the functions of a study, cinema and garden shed.

The noisiest of activities is inaudible to the outside world, and even if the inside is a tip, the mess is scarcely visible through the thin strip of frosted glass. It should come as a relief to the harried Japanese wife, who is in for a nightmare time as a huge number of men — the first wave of the postwar baby-boomer generation — are due to retire next year.

There's a picture of what it would look like on this weblog. The article says the room was designed to give Japanese husbands a place to play on their computers, blast their TVs or work on their messy hobbies while not getting underfoot of their put-upon wives.

I think Yamaha missed its target audience on this one. I think they should be marketing it to North American mothers of preschoolers. I want one of those puppies so I can escape.

Imagine the possibilities: the phone is ringing, the dog is barking, the TV is blaring, the eldest is whining, the youngest is screeching... and you can crawl into your soundproofed little haven, lock the door and hide.

I wouldn't need the high-tech surround-sound wiring mentioned in the article, because all I'd do in there is sleep. Ah, blissful uninterrupted sleep...

Or, now that I'm really starting to think about this, wouldn't it be a better idea to put everyone else into the little soundproof booth, and have the rest of the house to yourself? And really, is there a need to have it taking up space in the living room, when it would function just as nicely outside in the yard?

So you can see, bloggy friends, why I really need to come up the paltry sum of $6900. I'm worth it, right?

I'll start circulating the envelope and a card for you to sign...