Thursday, May 19, 2005


Simon's heirarchy

Simon is 15 and 1/2 months old. In my completely unbiased opinion, he is the cutest, most flirtatious, charmingest baby ever. (Well, at least since Tristan.) He is also the most mischevious baby ever, bar none.

He is in the naming phase now. He walks around the house pointing at things and informing us what interests him. Everything is "Dat!" except for a few words that have emerged from his primordial grunts.

He sometimes says "Dae-dee" for Katie, but mostly he calls her "Dog-Dog." He says a lot of things twice, maybe to be heard over the chaos of the rest of the house.


"Nite-nite." (My favourite. He finishes either his bottle, which he gets before naps, or nursing, which he does before bed, looks up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and says in the sweetest voice ever, "Nite-nite." Precious beyond words.)

Given the central role food plays in his life, it's not surprising that his first words include a pretty good array of things to eat. "App" for apple; "Banananana" with varying amounts of syllables; and "joos" for anything that comes in a cup.

He says, "Tsstt" for Tristan, which is truly adorable, and the occasional "Dada."

The other day, he was playing on Tristan's bed and he stopped to look at the pictures of Bob the Builder on the wall. He pointed and announced, "Baw." Thinking it was a fluke, I pointed to a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine and asked him who's that, to which he replied something I can't phonetically recreate, but you'll have to take my word that it was a pretty good approximation of Thomas.

Since then, he's been on a mission. Much like Jen's expedition through the grocery store finding Elmo at every turn, I'm amazed at how many Bob the Builders there are in our lives.

He's on Tristan's clothes and his shoes and his bedroom wall, he's on the bubble bath in the bathroom, he's on the DVDs in the living room, he's all over the grocery store, he's on every second kid at the playground, he's even in the Bulk Barn on the cake pans.

Everywhere we go, Simon announces his latest discovery with a triumphant, "BAW!!"

You know what he doesn't say?


I probably shouldn't even try to compete. I don't stand a chance.