Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The well is dry

Uh oh. I've been staring at this empty screen for quite a few minutes now, but nothing is happening. No rants, no complaints, no witty anecdotes (I like to think they're witty, anyway), no pleas for assistance or information. There's a whole bunch of stuff rattling around in my head, but none coherent enough to make a full post out of it.

I was going to ask you about ear infections. Seems Simon has one. Again. How do you tell your kid has an ear infection anyway? There's no external sign like flaming red ears or a big neon sign saying, "Ouch." He wasn't tugging on his ears and meaningfully engaging my attention like Lassie when Timmy fell down the well. I thought he just had a cold. Notch another mark on the bad mommy calendar I guess.

And then I thought I'd whinge for a while about Tristan's temper tantrums of late. Hooo-boy. I thought at three we'd be mostly past that, but for the past week he has been truly insufferable. But that's about all I've got on that topic.

I really should tell you to wander over to see Ann's new blog, except I am so insanely jealous that I don't really want to draw any extra attention to it. It's just exactly the kind of redesign I was talking about for my own blog. Hmpf.

I toyed with the idea of complaining about my new cube. It sucks. I used to be tucked away in a corner against a wall, now I'm in the middle of the zoo off a high-traffic corridor. Between overhearing telephone conversations from five or six different people and the drop-in visitors who have nothing better to do, it's pretty darn hard to concentrate on my blog. Er, work.

Oh wait, here's an idea. We can rejoice that finally the annoying old couple got eliminated from the Amazing Race last night. Okay, now what?

Nope, I got nothing. So, what's new with you?

Edited to add: Here's another thing that I thought I'd mention but couldn't work up enough steam to merit a full blog post. My dear friend ÜberGeek was kind enough to point me toward this blog. For serious geeks and Star Wars junkies only - don't say I didn't warn you!