Friday, June 17, 2005


The problem with blog

There's a problem with blog.

GASP! No, you cry, say it ain't so. A problem? With BLOG?

You see, I'm running out of things to talk about. Not here, of course. Good god knows I'll pass off just about anything as a post these days. Don't think I don't have that whole 'grocery list' thing floating around in the back of my head just in case times get lean.

But I've suckered so many of my family and friends into coming here on a regular basis that I've run out of things to tell them in person. For example, I was having coffee with friends the other day:

Me: You should hear Simon saying 'please' these days... (settles into anecdote mode).
Friends: We know, we read about it.

Me: Oh yeah.
(awkward silence)

Me: So I read this really terrific book called the Time Traveler's Wife. It's about this guy...
Friends (interrupting): We know.

Me: Right. Um...
(more awkward silence)

Me: So, did I tell you about this really amazing nap I had out on the glider for about an hour and a half yesterday?
Friends: Hey! That wasn't you, that was Marla!

Me (sheepishly): Oh, hey, really? I, um, got a little mixed up I guess. Well, nice seeing you guys again. I gotta run, I think I left the kettle on. Bye! (slinking out the door)

So I either need to find some new friends, or I need all my old friends to stop dropping by blog. Anybody know where I can get some new friends? (Damn, and it was such a lot of hard work cultivating the first batch!)