Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Endless hours of entertainment

I've been peeking in the referral logs again. I tell ya, there be some weird people walking around out there. I can only imagine how disappointed some of these people were when they found blog, based on their search criteria. Despite the inherent ick factor, my favourite google this month is "free videos of tickly feet", followed by "100 things to do at Zellers." I quit university to work full time at Zellers for a couple of years, and I can assure you, there are far less than 100 things to do there.

But why should I hog up all the fun? And why should I blather on, when other people are so much more interesting than whatever I'd post for your entertainment and edification. So here you go: here's the contents of my referral logs (the search terms people used to find the Mothership) from June 19 to July 18. I've even bolded a few favourites for you!

postcards from the mothership 6.90% (editorial aside: I'm glad this was #1)
dani tristan simon 3.45%
danigirl 3.45%
camping with preschoolers 2.59%
mothership 1.72%
weights watchers nursing mothers how many points 1.72%
weight watchers points tim hortons 1.72%
proud canadian 1.72%
tim hortons barrhaven 1.72%
confessions postcards 1.72%
Time traveler s wife analysis 0.86%
time travelers wife 0.86%
time traveler s wife analysis 0.86%
boob are everywhere 0.86%
what the heck is CIO 0.86%
desperate to pee 0.86%
1971 topps raw set 0.86%
used lawn mower sales ottawa 0.86%
he talks with me and he walks with me 0.86%
touch my breasts new yorker blog nanny 0.86%
bugs bunny whats up doc what s 0.86%
weight watchers points eating out tim hortons coffee 0.86%
ottawa boobies 0.86%
lawn 0.86%
stay at home routine 0.86%
mamas ta tas 0.86%
points in tim hortons food 0.86%
harry potter barrhaven 0.86%
i lost 15 pounds 0.86%
old canadian postcards 0.86%
skimming ottawa 0.86%
strawberry shortcake baby cartoon 0.86%
embittered 0.86%
tim hortons weight watchers points 0.86%
critique of The Time Traveler s Wife 0.86%
amazing race charity 0.86%
women s boobs 0.86%
drilling fillings cavities my mouth 0.86%
Barrhaven Hair Stylist Ottawa
best doggie in the world 0.86%
kiss postcards 0.86%
hair design barrhaven blog 0.86%
tim hortons and points for weight watchers 0.86%
bugs bunny barber of seville wallpaper 0.86%
baby names boy Richard hyphenated 0.86%
Barrhaven BLog 0.86%
blog time traveler s wife 0.86%
Weight Watcher Points for Tim Hortons 0.86%
Carl Sagan autograph book for sale 0.86%
desperate to pee holding it 0.86%
Time Traveler's Wife blog 0.86%
uchenna and joyce had IVF 0.86%
shell canada krispy kreme 0.86%
100 things to do at Zellers 0.86%
short flippy hairstyles 0.86%
tristan postcards 0.86%
canadian mommy 0.86%
CSS image map in Blogger template 0.86%
skim it pool 0.86%
makes her poop 0.86%
deacon bench for sale ottawa ontario 0.86%
granny girl short haircut 0.86%
krispy kreme convenience store petro canada 0.86%
free videos of tickly feet 0.86%
weight watchers tim hortons 0.86%
tim horton double cream coffee weight watchers points 0.86%
keeping kiddie pool clean 0.86%
milf stories blogspot 0.86%
pisces virgo rising 0.86%
blog 2005 pull-ups potty 0.86%
as sweet as candy Greek shirts 0.86%
an ounce of cure by alice munro 0.86%
yamaha soundproof booth 0.86%
pool skimming 0.86%
how many points are in a tim hortons bagel 0.86%
weight watchers points tim hortons coffee 0.86%
funny expecting mom postcards

There sure are a lot of people looking for information about doughnuts, boobs and the Time Traveller's Wife out there. Glad I've found my niche.

What's the best thing you've ever found on the Internet? Share your favourite links!