Wednesday, July 27, 2005



I have no idea what to make of this, but it's got me quite unsettled.

We are keeping the boys in one day of daycare each week during the summer, partly for continuity for them, partly to ensure a steady paycheque for my darling daycare provider, and mostly because a kid-free day is good for our mental health.

When we stepped out of the house this morning to head over to her house, I found a garbage bag full of garbage (still tied up and bundled) on top of my car. I have no idea who put it there or why. I asked Beloved, who put the garbage out last night, if he knew anything about it ("why yes, dear, I always put refuse on the car in the rain - makes the day a little more interesting for the sanitation engineers.") and he said that it was a bag from around the side of the house that he had put in our can last night at the curb. Except there was a branch sticking out through the bag, and I didn't put any branches in our garbage - they have to go in those brown paper bags for composting.

This is such a silly little thing, but so weird. WHY would someone put a random garbage bag around the side of our house, and WHY would they or someone else take it out of the can at the curb and put it on top of the car? It's creeping me out.

I heard the annoying teens from next door out there at around 11 pm last night, but they were just talking. I was going to holler out and ask them to keep it down, but decided against it. I didn't hear anything more mischevious, but I guess it could have been them. And it could have been much worse - the bag could have been torn or dumped onto the car, or the recycling could have been scattered all over the lawn.

Ugh. I hate stuff like this. There must be something in the air. Yesterday afternoon, we went to Loblaws to pick up some prints of our Day Out with Thomas photos, and this weird guy got really mad when Beloved tried to go around him as he sat waiting to make a turn (we didn't realize he was making the turn because he was just sitting there without his signal on.) The guy was giving Beloved the hairy eyeball as we parked in the "for families with children" spot, and yelled that he didn't look "like no fuckin' pregnant lady" when Beloved got out of the car. They barked at each other for a minute, then Beloved went into the store while the boys and I waited in the car. A few minutes later, I hear Beloved bellowing "Get the hell away from my car!" and I turn around to see the guy standing right behind the car. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was reading the sign and had nominated himself King of the Parking Spot Police for the day, but it still freaked me out. One of the clerks from Loblaws was on her break and had been watching the whole thing. When she saw him come out and approach the car with us in it, she came running over just about the same time Beloved started hollering. Very weird. He left after giving Beloved and the cashier a few choice words (the cashier was so cute, about 4 feet tall and 90 lbs soaking wet, telling the guy to mind his own damn business and what the hell was he thinking, coming after a mother with a couple of babies) and that was it, but it cast a bit of a pallour on the rest of the afternoon. Did I mention I hate conflict?

Parking lot rage and garbage rage - was it something I said?