Thursday, July 28, 2005



I just read this morning that NBC is running a new show this fall called Inconceivable, set in a (cringe) fertility clinic. Here's the synopsis from Yahoo TV:

Come inside the world of the doctors of the Family Options Fertility Clinic in this ensemble drama, where one of the most complicated questions is to conceive -- or not to conceive. Assuredly, theirs is a noble quest as they help desperate couples give birth; however, clinic co-founders Dr. Malcolm Bower and Rachael Lew and their staff (including psychologist Lydia Crawford, Nurse Patrice, office manager Marrissa and attorney Scott) are not above their own occasional adventures involving sex, deception and secrets. Navigate through the ultrasound and super-egos, the missing frozen embryos and impending malpractice suits, and it's positively clear that life inside this clinic is anything but sterile.

This makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This is wrong. I try so hard to keep my sense of humour about my infertility struggles, and not be one of those relentlessly cheerless people who can't take a joke, I really do. But come on, "navigate through the ultrasounds and super-egos, the missing frozen embryos and impending malpractice suits"? Give me a fucking break.

There are already so many misconceptions (pardon the pun - see, I can be funny about this) about infertility and fertility treatments as it is, I can only imagine this show will do nothing more than perpetuate the myths and muddy the waters even further. And I know it's TV, for goodness sake, they aren't out to educate the unwashed masses. In fact, they're out to tittilate and entertain and make a buck.

No doubt, they will find lots of ways to play up the drama. I don't think there was anything more suspenseful in my life than the infamous two week wait (between treatment and knowing whether the treatment was successful or not), but that was a very personal drama, and frankly, one I'd rather not relive.

I can't imagine myself watching this show. I've lived it, and continue to live it vicariously with friends still struggling with infertility. Dramatic? Hell yes. Suspenseful? You bet. Full of interesting personalities and life-altering circumstances? Absolutely. Perfect fodder for Desperate Housewives meets St Elsewhere meets Ally McBeal? I don't think so.

Am I being thin-skinned about this, or does this whole thing seem incredibly tastelss to you, too?