Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Needed: moms and dads who read blogs! Now!

The inimitable Cooper over at Been There is writing a feature article on parenting in our generation, with a specific emphasis on how blogs help us connect with each other. She is looking for interview subjects, but is on a very tight deadline - tomorrow! If you could take a minute or two to read her request (below) and write up an answer, I know she's appreciate it. Here's Cooper:
QUESTIONS: I am interested in why and how you started your blog and the benefits you have seen, with an example or two, especially in parenting; if you don't have a blog, what value do you get from the blogs you read; the importance/significance of (mom/dad) blogging, from your perspective; and your opinion on how blogging plays out in modern day parenting. Any observations on the sometimes complicated nature of blogging, in terms of relating to people you have never met in person, as well as editing what you write so not to offend friends and family, would be welcome.

Cooper's e-mail address is here.