Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Three year olds shouldn't have cavities

I'm bringing Tristan to the pedodontist today for two fillings. Really, three year olds shouldn't have cavities, and they certainly shouldn't need fillings. I feel awful for him.

I think the worst part will be that he has to fast from midnight to the appointment at 9:50 Tuesday morning (I'm typing this Monday night, guessing that tomorrow morning will be a little rocky.) There is going to be one cranky-ass preschooler on the loose tomorrow morning when he finds out he can't have his morning chocolate milk and cereal bar. I would sooner deprive Paris Hilton of her daddy's credit cards than deprive Tristan of his morning treats.

When we get there, they give him some sort of antihistamine in a drink to make him drowsy, and we have to wait around for an hour for it to take effect. Luckily, there are trains and books, so we could in theory pass an entire month there and Tristan would be content. They will also give him laughing gas (I want to say it's nitrous oxide, but that may well be some incediary chemical that will bring terrorists googling bomb recipes to this blog. If that's how you got here, go plant some flowers or something, will ya?) so he will be relaxed but awake. They haven't yet confirmed what they will be giving me, but it'd better be good.

I am having a very hard time picturing any state of consciousness, however drowsy and drugged, will keep my wriggling three year old still enough for two fillings. I am hoping that this is just another instance of something being far worse in the anticipation than it is when it comes to pass.

I don't think I mentioned the laundry list of problems the pedodontist found during our first consultation. Not only did she confirm the two cavities in two molars and Tristan's extra tooth, but she pointed out that he has a sideways bite and his upper teeth are all crowded together, so he'll need some sort of retainer to push them apart when he gets to be six or seven, and he'll need something to compensate for his side bite. Sigh. It took me 20 years to get over my fear of dentists, and now I have a fear of funding the college education of my dentist's four kids.

Think a kind thought for us today. Three is just too little for cavities.