Monday, August 15, 2005


Potty week

Despite the other, more pressing business the Internet may be in the process of conducting this week, I officially declare this week (cuts ribbon) Potty Week, where I regale you with the excruciating minutia of the eliminatory habits of my three year old, and you shower us with praise, support and clever suggestions. Some day, Tristan will disown me for this.

Day one was not bad over all. He stayed dry most of the day. We made it through a 45 minute ride in the car including a nap, and even scored two potty bowel movements. He had one P accident, which I think an issue of forgetfulness more than anything. (Digression to our topic last week - can I add to my list of lamentations about the challenges of particularly large children the fact that they have a bladder capacity of much larger mammals? When that boy goes, he goes and goes and goes. My poor, ugly carpet.) Much to my astonishment, he had the other kind of accident after bathtime while I was getting his brother's diaper and jammies on and he was enjoying his usual pre-bed nekkid romp. I can't remember the last time Tristan had any kind of accident at that time of day, so he might have been holding it from earlier. He told me what he was doing, so I chased him off to finish his business in the potty (which he did, to his credit) and I went off in search of carpet cleaner. Note to self: buy econo-sized bottle of Pro-Solve and jumbo pack of paper towels on way home from work.

This morning, he came downstairs just as I was leaving for work, and I tried to get him hyped about the potty again, but he was pretty blasé about the whole thing. Now that the novelty has worn off, he's beginning to lose interest in the project. (He's so much like his mother, my Tristan.) When I asked him if he was ready to go to the potty and get started earning even more stickers for metal Thomas and Annie and Claribel, he replied with a sleep-bleary, "No thanks." But when I took down the shoebox with his stickers and showed him how many stars he earned yesterday, and how close he was to earning his trains, he perked up a little bit and headed for the bathroom.

The soother thing went this way for us as well, as did CIO. Full of the courage of my convictions, we leap into whatever it is with enthusiasm. But lacking the novelty of day one, day two dawns as a bit of a drudge. "Oh, we're still doing that? I thought we did that yesterday."

So, bloggy friends, aren't you excited about potty week? Now that we've arrived, what other sagacious advice do you have for us? How do we keep the dream alive?

And please, for the love of all things decent, can someone recommend a good all-purpose spot remover?