Sunday, August 07, 2005


Ten years ago today - from Austria to Italy

As I transcribe and re-read this article, I wonder what ever inspired me to be a writer. It wasn't a varied selection of adjectives, that's for sure. I never realized until transcribing this journal how many times I've used the word "beautiful". But for the sake of authenticity, I'm reprinting this verbatim, in all my 26-year-old glory.

10:00 am, 7 August 1995
One hour south of Salzburg, Austria
The mountains - be still my heart, the mountains are so spectacular! Tiny Alpine villiages set in emerald green plains, the unbelievably turquoise Salzach River, and everywhere the towering, majestic mountains.
Yesterday continued to be a good day. I took a city tour, but was the only person who bought a ticket, so it was a completely private and personal tour and the tourguide was a girl about my age. The entire tourism industry in Salzburg is based on two things - The Sound of Music, and Mozart. It was the "Sound of Music" this and "Sound of Music" that and "Mozart" this and "Mozart" that. I loved it! What a wonderful, wonderful place Salzburg is.
Back at the hostel, I got to do laundry -- a HUGE deal!! While doing laundry, I met an absolutely beautiful guy from Australia. Going upstairs, I was stopped by a fellow Canadian named Mike from Belleville. So Mike and Greg the Australian and I had dinner together. Imagine my delight when The Tragically Hip came on from the local radio station! We were joined by Gary (Aussie), Stell (US - Washington) and Linda (Aussie). We were all solo travelers, and sat around from dinner time til after midnight sharing travel and home stories. I feel so much better about traveling through Italy now, and I have a bunch of new friends.