Sunday, September 04, 2005


Because I can't stop thinking about this

I wish I could stop thinking about this whole hurricane crisis, but I can't. And it's my blog, so if it's on my mind, it's on the blog.

Phantom Scribbler has some really horrific stuff on the political mismanagement of this whole thing. I won't pretend to know enough about American politics to be able to comment, but I'm finding her posts both illuminating and terrifying. I am still naive enough to hope half - just half - of the things she has noted are not true.

I work in government communications, and yet I swear I'd slit my wrists before setting up a photo opportunity for a politician and then dismantling it, leaving suffering people behind. As much as I think George Bush is an asshole, and a stupid asshole at that, I still don't want to believe that this story is true.

Edited September 7 to add: Phantom Scribbler has since added a note that the second link, about the food distribution rumour, is no more than a rumour. Funny, though, it hasn't much changed how I feel about George Bush.