Wednesday, September 07, 2005


A hypothetical situation

This is a hypothetical situation. Wouldn't it be cool if a blogger you knew, no one in particular, was asked to do something really fun, like say, author a blog for her organization?

Of course, if something like that happened, the blogger probably shouldn't be talking about it on her personal blog. It's possible, in fact, that management might have suggested in plain language that she don't mention anything on her personal blog. And since the blogger might have become aware in the same conversation that management had already been reading her blog (right about the time a blogger might have been discussing such credibility-enhancing issues as toilet habits of stubborn three year olds and Flying Spaghetti Monsters) it would probably be in that blogger's best interests to keep her mouth shut for once.

I'm just sayin'.

On a completely unrelated note, I'll be doing some business travel in the next little while, and I'm completely freaked out about it. Not so much the travel, but the traveling while leaving Beloved behind with the Wee Beasties. While he's more than proven his mettle as a capable stay-at-home dad, three days without backup is a long stretch. The Wee Beasties will be in daycare for two of the three days, which helps, and my folks are just around the corner.

I'll try not to fret too much as I order room service, stretch out in the crisp sheets of a bed I don't have to share and leave my wet towels on the bathroom floor for someone else to pick up and put away. (Okay, I'll be leaving a big tip for the maid, too, but it will be worth it!!)