Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Little things

Fellow Ottawan Andrea at QuietFish tagged me on this. She was talking about how we all have those little somethings in our houses that we love - things that give you a little ping of joy when you look at them.

Although we have a really lame little mantle in our living room (oh, how I drool over the Home Depot Wish Book) it does provide a good central shelf where my most sentimental treasures can be admired but not swallowed, squashed or otherwise boyhandled. There's a paper frame with a photo of the boys with Thomas the Tank Engine, a chunky frame with a cut-out of our wedding invitation, a photo of my parents, a few other odds and ends, and these:

The figure of the mother with two children was from my wonderful Mom this past Christmas. A three-hanky gift if there ever was one. I love it! The giraffe and elephant are also Christmas gifts from my mother, I think from separate years. (She has a knack for finding the best gifts.) And the photo makes me smile partly because it's an adorable picture of a barely-walking Tristan admiring his own shadow as it falls on a dandylion, and partly because it's housed in a frame from my dear friend Nancy - a woman who shares my addiction to treats from Pier One Imports.

I can sit and admire this little collection endlessly. It's a tangible little happy place. Thanks, Andrea, for making me think of this.

What do you have in your house that reminds you to be blissful?