Friday, September 02, 2005


Onwards, laughing

I can’t stay sad for long. No matter how horrible, I have this irrepressible need to smile. So although I continue to choke up with every new article, post and link I read about the Katrina aftermath, I need to find some happier things to think about.

And what is funnier than the things that come out of our blessedly innocent kids’ mouths?

For example, the one and only Snack Mommy is expecting a baby boy in December. In trying to give her son Tristan (great name, eh?) a little bit of perspective on the coming arrival, she has somehow stumbled into explaining that the baby will be making an entrance through the “Baby Door.”

Having thought about it for a while, Tristan has posed these questions of his beleaguered mother:

"How does the doctor close the baby door?"

"I think the baby door will stay open for six months after the baby is born."

"Who let me out of the baby door, you, daddy, or the doctor?"

"Is there a handle on the door or does it just swing open like a gate? Or maybe there is a button like an elevator?"

"Did you and daddy build me before or after I came out of the baby door?"

"Why did the doctor need to clean me up before you saw me, I wasn't dirty!"

"Do you pee so much because the baby is peeing inside you and it's coming out your pee pee?"

"I think you have that sharp bump in your tummy because the baby is wearing a crown. You know, those sharp jewels they have on top. I think your tummy will feel better when the baby is born… with a crown on it's head."

"I think I should get up during the night to feed the baby mommy OK!?! The only problem, is I'm a little scared of walking down the dark hallway to get the baby some Cheerios so maybe you could come with me?"

Adorable, eh? Not even four years old yet and he'll make a fine scientist someday. Makes me quite relieved that my ownTristan was barely verbal when Simon arrived!

Heard this morning as I left for work: “Goodbye crocodile.”