Monday, September 12, 2005


Sleep deprivation, meet jet lag

I've been up for about 20 hours now. If I start to drool, don't mind me.

Have you ever been in a hotel room that didn't have a sewing kit? I must've been in 50 hotels in my life, and I'm sure each one of them had a sewing kit. I actually found myself in a hotel room, looking at the fallen cuff of my dress pants and in need of an honest-to-god sewing kit. I was almost delirious with joy - except there was no sewing kit. For a posted rate of $500 a night (thank god for corporate rates!) you'd think they had an on-site tailor who lives in your closet, fercrissakes.

Other than that, the digs are way too nice for a peon such as myself. My electric toothbrush made a very satisfying thunk as I layed it on the granite bathroom counter. Or maybe it was marble. It was cool, and smooth, and yes, I did lay my cheek against it for just a moment. And no, I'm not fessing up as to which cheek. Okay, it was the left one.

I am not made out for business travel. I got completely flustered at the security check in the airport when I had to remove my laptop from my carefully packed messenger bag. Yes, I was that woman with the bag spilling kleenex and lipstick and receipts and pens. And yes, I was also that woman whose very bones seem to make the hand-held metal detector beep in indignation. And, most pathetically, I was that woman, who had to produce a second credit card when the first one didn't have enough room on it to cover a security deposit at the fancy-ass hotel check-in. Sheesh, who would have expected they'd try to clear a $450 deposit for a two night stay at $110 a night. That's a hell of a lot of minibar service!

Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't find a sewing kit. I didn't have to dip into the kids' college account for a saftey pin and some sticky tape.