Monday, October 10, 2005


Dani needs...

Saw this over on Marla's blog and couldn't stop laughing. Hers is funnier than mine, but it's still worth a lazy-day blog.

The game is, Google "(Your-name) needs", including the quotation marks, inserting your name where indicated but without the parenthesis. (I'm not insulting your intelligence, really. I'm quite sure you get the idea. But don't forget the quotes - it's important.) So, to clarify, I Googled "Dani needs". Anybody need a recap to this point? And then you share your top five - or, if you're Marla or me, your top 500. Cuz more is always better than less!

I pulled these off in order. They have this oddly narrative quality to them...

"Sweet Dani needs warm temperatures for rapid growth."

"Dani needs to be able to face those curbs alone."

"dani needs 'Help' but Not of The physical type "

"Dani needs revenge. "

"dani needs to do something new, exciting that will serve her well later."

"What will you do when Dani needs to retire?"

"Dani needs the love, support and discipline that only two parents provide"

"Dani needs no redemption."

"Dani needs a moment."

(but the masses grew surly and demanding)

"Dani needs to finish stuff alot more people Are waiting."

"dani needs sleep"

(and then, it turned ugly)

"Dani needs to be sliced."

"I really think that Dani needs a swift kick in the johnson for being a frigging twink."

"Dani needs this within the next 3 weeks."

And that's when I stopped reading.