Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ghosts of Hallowe'ens Past

Much to my disappointment, the weather in October wasn't conducive to our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this year, so we don't have the kind of truly adorable pictures we've snapped in prior years (if I do say so myself!)

However, since this is blog's first Hallowe'en, I have no trouble hauling out the old photos to give you the proper chance to ooh and ahh over my scrumptuous pumpkins of years past.

First, Tristan the Great Pumpkin of 2002:

Then, the pumpkin became a monkey in 2003, and I became the pumpkin (at 6 months pregnant):

Last year, there was a new pumkin in town, and the monkey morphed into a caterpillar:

But I really do love a good pumpkin patch photo (also 2004):

Happy Halloween!!