Friday, November 18, 2005


Another Friday ramble

What? Oh, you're expecting me to say something? Again? Aren't you tired of listening to me by now?

Apparently not yet, as I was thrilled to notice the hit counter rolled over the 20K mark earlier this week. Hooray for us!

What, you want more substance? Good grief, you're getting demanding. Okay, how about a cute Simon story to go with the saccharine dandelion story? Not so much a story as an observance that toddlers learning to talk can be the cutest creatures on the planet.

Whenever Simon wants something open, he says, "Open-the-door!" A clerk in a store gave him and Tristan some fruit roll-ups the other day, and Simon danced around waving it in front of me begging "Open-the-door! Open-the-door! Open-the-door!" much to the amusement of the sales clerk. "Open-the-door!" also means, 'Please turn the page a little more expediently, mother, I've read this page three times already.' And, 'I'm feeling a little peckish, could you please open the fridge?' It's adorable, if I do say so myself.

Still not enough meat for you? Sheesh! Well, how about we talk about Canadian things, you always seem to like that. Oh, and you like it when we talk about books. Hey, I know, let's talk about Canadian books!!

The Literary Review of Canada has published their list of the 100 most important Canadian books ever written. Not most popular, or favourite, but most important. From Jacques Cartier's 1545 potboiler, Account of the Second Voyage of the Navigation of 1535 and 1536 (I'm guessing there were no editors to suggest snappier titles back in 1545) to Jane Jacob's Dark Age Ahead in 2004, it's a chronological list of 100 books that have shaped our literary and cultural landscape.

Only in Canada would a list of 100 most important books contain not just one but multiple royal commission reports, a geological survey, an encyclopedia, and a hockey how-to manual. Oh how I love this country.

That's it, folks. That's the bottom of my bag of tricks today. I can't even think of a decent question. Consider it open mic day - go ahead and try your own ramble in the comments section. It's surprisingly cathartic.

This Friday Ramble brought to you by sleep deprivation, stress, and the letter N (for Nancy).