Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Great site for new moms

I remember the first few months after Tristan was born, but only vaguely. It was a scary and exhilerating, but it was also a very isolating time in my life. I remember how our week revolved around going to the well-baby drop in, where I could actually talk to other mothers of babies the same age and realize that so much of what we were going through was just garden-variety infant mothering and not the crisis that each day seemed to be.

I wish I had seen something like Wee Welcome back then. It's a new site for Canadian moms, especially moms of babies under one who live near Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

In their own words:

Our goal is to help Canadian moms get the most out of their babies’ first year – to have a baby and a life. To that end we are:

* Shining a light on baby-welcoming locations through our print and online guide.
* Helping moms connect through our moms’ group community.
* Providing no-crap, original articles that don’t pander.
* Leading events that make sure you get out and have a good time.

And that’s just the beginning.

We’re working to create a more baby-welcoming society, where moms breastfeed longer, are more connected to other moms, and are busy, active and happier. Happy moms make for happy babies.

I love their "Go" feature. It lists local places that are "baby welcoming", and provides a list of ammenities offered by each location. There are also places to form online mom's groups, and some great articles - including some written by one of my favourite authors. Even if you don't live in Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa, it's worth a few clicks just to page through and see a great idea well executed.

(P.S. In the interest of fair disclosure, I should probably mention that I found this site because one of the co-founders, Jody, sent me a note and told me to feel free to mention Wee Welcome on my blog, if I felt so inclined. After I came down off the high of being considered a big enough fish to have blog mention solicited, I clicked through and realized that I would have promoted this site even if I'd stumbled upon it independently. But it sure was nice to be asked!)