Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Hot smoothies?

I think by now my affection for Tim Hortons is no secret. (Did you know Timmy's has its own Wikipedia page? It was there I read about "the Gretzky" - a coffee with nine creams and nine sugars. That can't be good for you. Is there still room in the cup for coffee after all that?)

I've tried just about everything Tim's has schlepped on to the market, from caramel pecan chocolate chip cookies (to die for) to iced cappuchino (I just can't warm up to cold coffee) to their garden veggie sandwiches (yum!)

I gotta draw the line on this one, though. New this season, hot smoothies. Okay, maybe the hazelnut and the butter cream ones would be okay, if you're into hyper-sweet sticky beverages. I take my coffee without sugar, so I'm not impartial here, and I've never liked flavoured coffees. But a hot orange smoothie? Bleck!! What were they thinking?

Someone in the marketing department decided to take a run at Starbucks or something, because they're also offering "flavour shots" in hazelnut, butter caramel, orange and raspberry. "It’s a whole new way to enjoy your favourite Tim Hortons’ beverage. "

Call me a purist if you must, but please keep your syrup away from my coffee. That's an extra large with three milks to go, thanks.