Thursday, November 03, 2005


The Internet is freaking me out lately

Did you know that if you post a picture on your blog, it gets indexed under Google Images? I figured it out when I was playing in the referral logs (I know, I know, but it’s like potato chips – I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t help myself) and I kept seeing Google hits like this one. Those are all my pictures from Tristan’s Day Out with Thomas.

It indexes all the pictures posted on Flickr, too. When I key “Tristan and Simon” into Google Images, this picture of the boys with their cousin is the fourth image on the list of search returns.

I dunno why this is so unsettling to me. Maybe because it’s one thing to place the images deliberately in one space, and another to have them added to the giant Rolodex that is Google. I put those images up in context to show you, the people who read my blog, but having them churning out there independently is just wrong. I’ve been getting tonnes of hits from those Thomas images, too. I think it’s the first time a spike in traffic ever freaked me out in a bad way.

As if that weren’t weird enough, a friend recently pointed this out to me. Yes, that’s right, I seem to have my very own official page on Answers.com. How the holy hell that happened, with my full real name no less, is a complete mystery to me. I register for absolutely everything as DaniGirl, so I can’t imagine how blog got hooked up to my real name. I guess I don’t mind so much, but I sure would like to know how it happened.

Who would have guessed it? Even attention-whores and media sluts have boundaries.

When I started writing this blog, I didn't even use the boys' real names. I called them Frankie and Luigi (pet names from their middle names, Francis and Louis) but I couldn't stand writing about them without using their real names. My mother continues to be rather anxious that I post pictures of the boys at all, especially the one in my profile that shows Tristan in nothing but a diaper - to say nothing of the nudie shots I posted this summer of adorable boys running nekkidly rampant through my backyard.

The Internet is such a big place, and I am such a naive girl. What do you think? Is having your personal information out there a bad thing? Would you be as freaked out about the pictures as I was?