Tuesday, November 29, 2005


MP3 suggestions?

I got an MP3 player for Mother's Day. As in, six months ago. Beloved loaded it up with half a dozen or so of my favourite songs that we had lying about, and since then I have done nothing with it. You'd think somebody who spends more than half her life perched on a keyboard might find some time to load the damn thing up with some music, but not so far.

'And why not?' you might justifiably ask.

There's too much music.

I'm paralyzed by indecision. Because I want to have great music on my MP3 player, but I haven't had the cognitive fortitude to think about what I want that music to be, I have instead left it to languish. What a waste!

So this bring us, my bloggy friends, to the Great Music Survey of Tuesday. Fill in the blanks and tell me your favourite songs in each category, and help me with those "AHA!" moments. Remind me about what great songs are out there.

1. What three albums (okay, CDs) would you take on a road trip, if the music was the only companionship you had?

2. You are in the worst. mood. ever. Name three songs that would cheer you up.

3. Your in-laws just called. They are in town unexpectedly and want to drop by for coffee in an hour. The house looks like the preschool maurading hoardes have been through on a crusade. Which three albums have enough energy to pump you up for the task?

4. Name three songs you loved from high school.

5. Name three songs that make you think of your pre-high school childhood.

6. The kids are in bed. Your significant other is elsewhere. You have a (bottle of red wine/pot of tea/case of beer), a great book and the evening to yourself. What music is playing in the background?

7. Name one new (2005) song, CD or band that you've 'discovered'.

8. If you could be the manager for any band, group or artist, whom would you choose?

9. I'm aiming to make some sheet music tonight. What should be on the stereo?

10. If I only load one song onto my MP3 player, what song should that be?

I've made the quantity for most questions 'three' simply because I can never narrow my choices down to just one. Feel free to list as many or few as floats your boat. Also feel free to make random suggestions that don't fit into the categories.

Oh, and while you're pondering, here's a not-so-subtle reminder that today is the penultimate day for voting on the Canadian Blog Awards. Did I mention that I do love you all so?