Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Share your experiences in a new parenting book!

My sweet friends Cooper and Emily of Been There are writing a book. These are the same two wonderful women who launched the Hurricane Katrina Clearninghouse that continues to run as a meeting place for people who need help and people who can offer help.

Cooper asked me if I would share their questions with you. You can reply in the comment box if you like, or you can e-mail Cooper and Emily directly at parentingbook@comcast.net.

1) Describe a time (s) of great meaning that you experienced with your family (as a parent, as a child or both.) Details, please!

2) What gets in the way - if anything - of spending time with and truly being in the moment with your kids? What are the biggest time drains on family life, for you? Is it hectic lives, too much to do, other parents/family? Please be specific, a story or two to describe would be wonderful.

3) Along those lines, what do you see as the greatest challenges to you in your parenting or in childrearing in general? What are the roadblocks? Again, specifics and anecdotes are encouraged!

4) Describe something (s) you and your family are doing well. What is it you are best at and why (communicating, having fun etc.)? Please describe with stories if possible.