Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Welcome IVF parents!

Hello, and welcome. Let me clear off a space on the floor and you can sit down and maybe stay for coffee. Say hello and stay a while, why don't you?

Wondering what I'm talking about? Me too, kind of. Since about three in the afternoon yesterday, I've gotten almost 40 hits from an private message board. I got curious and tried to follow the link back, and it told me I wasn't welcome and membership was by invitation only. It did say something about IVF parents, so I'm assuming this is maybe an off-shoot of the IVF Connections parenting boards where I used to spend all my time before blog. (If you ever need support or information about IVF or infertility, IVF Connections is the best place on the Web. I met some of my best friends there.) And speaking of best friends and IVF, you might want to drop by Nancy's blog too - if you knew me, you'll remember the inimitable Nancy99 and her adorable boys!

Anyway, all are welcome here, and if you are an old friend from IVFC, please do say hello. Heck, say hello anyway - we're a friendly sort of crowd around here.