Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The plan to take down Rick Mercer - Phase Two

Time to examine the cold, hard facts of whom is more deserving of your Canadian Blog Award votes: the comedian, published author, TV personality, philanthropist and national cultural icon - or, well, me.

I think a head-to-head comparison will prove illustrious.

Rick Mercer: biting sarcasm.
Me: biting preschoolers.

Rick Mercer: mocks Americans.
Me: loves Americans. USA! USA!! USA!!!

Rick Mercer: high profile friends.
Me: world's best bloggy friends.

Rick Mercer: supported by the deep pockets of the CBC. **
Me: unsupported. (Well, mostly.)

Rick Mercer: no blog comments allowed.
Me: lives for comments.

Rick Mercer: prone to rants.
Me: prone to rambles.

Rick Mercer: obsessed with Photoshop.
Me: obsessed with Google.

Rick Mercer: political satirist.
Me: potty satirist.

Rick Mercer: thousands of rabid fans.
Me: two fans, occasionally prone to drooling.

Oh look, I win!! (But you can go ahead and vote, if you were going to anyway.)

** Phew, it's a good think I never signed up for Ad Sense. The pennies-per-month click-thru revenues would have probably exceeded Rick Mercer's budget from the CBC and left me the underdog in this category.