Saturday, December 17, 2005


Spirit of the season - and more reasons to cheer!

I was sitting in the car, waiting to make a left-hand turn into the queue for Tim Hortons, getting a couple of extra-large coffees as a Saturday morning treat for Beloved and myself. It was mid-morning on Saturday, when all of suburbia is also in the drive-thru line.

I was feeling stellar, having already been to the gym, been to the post-office to send off the last of my holiday packages, and been to the dollar store where I acquired FOUR hockey sticks and FOUR pucks for four bucks.

As I was about to make the left turn into the queue, a red car coming from the other direction cut me off and took my spot, despite my desperate and increasingly unfriendly gesculations to indicate my rightful ownership of the next place in line. The car was full of a family, parents in the front and two young girls in the back, and I muttered to myself about the poor example those obviously unmannered parents were setting for their girls. I steamed for a few minutes, and threw a few uncharitable glares in their direction, but by the time it was my turn to collect my coffees, I had mostly forgotten all about it.

I pulled up to the window, $5 in hand, and the server informed me with a friendly grin that my coffees had been paid for, by the family in the red car.

How great is that? Such a simple gesture, really not even entirely necessary, and yet it made my day.

So I went home, and we had a blast with our new hockey sticks:

I couldn't wait to come down and blog what a great morning I'd been having when I took a peek at the comments from yesterday and saw this comment from my old friend who is now a Mommy Abroad in Germany. The Toronto Star ran a featurette this morning on the 'momosphere', and I got good face time beside Ann, Jen and Andi. How cool is that? Take a look here for the full article on the 'momosphere'.

So if you're dropping by from the Star article - welcome! Drop me a note and let me know you've been by, and do drop in again. And don't forget to visit Ann and Jen and Andi's blogs - they're my bloggy heroes.