Thursday, December 01, 2005


Tags, del.icio.us and the Holiday Blog Extravaganza

I’ve created an account on del.icio.us for the Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza, so we can have a single place with links to everybody’s contributions.

If you want to play, there are only a few instructions. Don’t worry, if you haven’t use del.icio.us before, it might look a little intimidating, but if I can figure it out anybody can! Plus, once you’ve figured it out, you’ll want to create your own del.icio.us account and start tagging everything in site. (Get it, site? As in Web? Nevermind…)

To see the tags that are already there, click on this tag:

I see two ways to go about this. First, if you like, you can install the del.icio.us bookmarklet and tag the item yourself. Instructions to do so are below. Or, you can send me an e-mail or drop a comment on this post, and I’ll go over and tag it myself.

To add the del.icio.us bookmarklet to your links bar, go to http://del.icio.us/login and log in with username “holidaybloggers” and password “holiday”. Then, go to this welcome page and click on the first link under “How do I get them?”

Once the installation is done, you should have the del.icio.us tag bookmarklet under your “links” menu on your browser toolbar and in your favourites menu. When you want to add something, make sure you are on a specific post page (not your blog main page!) and click on this link – it will open up a del.icio.us page. In the field for tags, key "HolidayBlogExtravaganza" with no quotes and no spaces.

Voilà! You’ve tagged your post to del.icio.us!

Or, forget all that and I'll be happy to skip from blog to blog, tagging as I go. Either way, you can click through to http://del.icio.us/holidaybloggers any time to see a list of all tagged posts. I've added mine, Andrea's, Marla's, Nancy's and Suze's tonight to get us started. (Sorry, out of time, can't link just now...)