Thursday, December 15, 2005


Terrible tantrums

He still has a few weeks to go, but he's always been a little ahead of the curve. My normally placid, good-natured Simon is entering the terrible twos.

Ugh, I'd forgotten about the tantrums. I mean, I have a temper, Tristan has a temper, and Beloved has a temper (on a bad day, stay the heck out of the way!) but holy crap, this kid can pitch a fit on a moment's notice. This is a short phase, right? Simon is the exact age now that Tristan was when Simon was born, so I guess I wasn't paying too much attention to Tristan developmentally at this age. Wow, what a handful that must have been, with a toddler and a newborn in the house. Good thing I can't remember it.

One problem I'm having with Simon that I know we didn't have with Tristan is hitting. Whenever he gets piqued, he hits to show his displeasure. Any thoughts on how to deal with that? We tell him no, and we've done the toddler version of the time-out, which he thinks is a game and quite fun. I've yelled at him for it, which makes both of us unhappy. I'm opposed to the idea of spanking, so I'm forever saying "We don't hit each other. Ever." but it doesn't seem to be making any sort of impression on him. On Sunday, he threw the mother of all tantrums and started grabbing and pulling on my hair when the hitting wasn't making his point clearly enough for his liking. I was not impressed.

He's 22 months old, so he doesn't hit hard, but he's a big boy and I worry constantly that when they're out playing with their mates, my boys will run over the other kids like steamrollers unless I teach them to be gentle from the beginning.

Any thoughts?

(Oh, and it's the last day of voting for the Weblog Awards (phew!) so if you're feeling charitable and you don't have an instant solution for my hitting problem, click over and cast your final ballot. No more awards, I promise!)