Sunday, December 11, 2005


Thank you!!

My dearest bloggy friends,

Thank you SO much for your votes. The results are in, the votes have been tabulated and I couldn't be more proud.

You voted Postcards from the Mothership the third best new Canadian blog this year! We missed taking down Rick Mercer by a vote or two (okay, so I was mathematically eliminated from the top spot by noon on Thursday), but I'm beaming proudly nonetheless.

(And if I've got you trained to drop by every 24 hours and vote, you can keep up the good work at the Weblog Awards through December 15. I've already been mathematically eliminated from the top spot by She Who Blogs, who has more readers in a day than I have had since day one, but I am still honoured by each and every vote!)

Special congratulations to my fellow finalists in both the Best New Blog and Best Personal Blog categories. I was honoured to be in your company!

Really, thank you. When I started blogging almost a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. I figured I'd write a bit, maybe a few friends would read it, and I'd have another hobby to add to my list of endless projects always cluttering up my brain - but at least this one didn't also clutter up the basement! When I started blogging, I barely even read any blogs - and now I can't remember what I did without them.

Blogging has also spread through my circles of friends like a virus - Nancy, Yvonne, Sharon, Anna, Jen, Jon and my most darling UberGeek were all friends of mine in real life before they were clever bloggers. And I could go on for about a week listing the wonderful people I've met through blogging, but if you need a short list I'm so lucky to have 'met' Dean Dad, Marla, Jen, Suzanne, Phantom, and Renee. And I've met (without the quotations) Ann, Andrea and Andrea, who are even more lovely in person than they are in their blogs.

Oh yikes, here comes the hook to drag me off stage. This is what happens when I blog late in the evening after a busy weekend, and am feeling emotionally warm and fuzzy and well appreciated. Better quit now before I get maudlin!

Succintly, for a change: thank you, my friends.