Friday, December 02, 2005


You like me! You really like me!!

Holy crap!

I was being sincere last week when I said that my major fear in the Canadian Blog Awards was coming in last or near last. I had expected (perhaps arrogantly) to make a fairly decent showing in the middle of the pack, but harboured a secret desire to make it as a finalist.

Well, the votes are in and - - - You did it! We did it!! Postcards from the Mothership made the cut to the final round of voting! Thanks to your diligent voting, blog came in third in the best new blog category, and fourth in the best personal blog category.

WOW!!!!! I'm so honoured and pleased and just damn happy this morning. THANK YOU!

So, you know you're on the hook for the next round of voting, right? Voting starts Saturday and continues through next Friday. You can vote once a day. No pressure or anything, though. (grovels) But please vote for me!

As if my head weren't swelled enough already, I was looking at the full tally of results and couldn't help but note that only one vote separates me and the leader in the best new blog category - and the number one spot is held by Rick Mercer's blog.

So now we have a new goal. Yes, I said "we" - in for a penny, in for a pound, my friends. I've hatched a diabolical new plan to (takes deep breath) ... take down Rick Mercer.

(waits for gales of laughter to die down)

Hey, he's won about 200 Gemini Awards, Canadian Comedy Awards, Writers Guild of Canada Awards and he has his own TV show. I need this more than he does!

The only way I stand a chance is if he doesn't notice me, a little yap dog of a blogger nipping at his heels. Nobody tell him, okay?

So really - thank you. You've honoured me and made me a very happy blogger. Smooches to all of you...