Saturday, January 14, 2006


Best Secret Santa Ever!!

(Editorial note: I wrote this two weeks ago, when I thought we were supposed to post our goodies. I STILL don't know who my secret santa is!)

The suspense is killing me! Who who WHO was my Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza Secret Santa? Whomever she is, she has put Secret Santas the world over to shame.

Everything came the week before Christmas in a nice big box with a return address but no name, just to let me stew in my own curiousity.

Inside, there were two boxes marked open me first and open me second. Each box had three compartments in it. (I told you, she's the best Secret Santa ever!!!) And each of the six compartments had not only a little gift, but a little handwritten note addressing various things I'd written in my '101 things about me' post, the one I pointed to from my questionnaire.

There was homemade shortbread (BEST SECRET SANTA EVER!) with a note that said, "In the darkness, there are no shadows." There was a lovely sparkly heart ornament from Pier One and a Pier One gift certificate with notes about my silly fear of wide open spaces.

There was a little keychain photo album (way cute!) with a note that said, "Sometimes wide open spaces can make us feel small... weak... afraid..." and then the most sparkly, gorgeous butterfly ornaments (remember, I have often admitted to coveting sparkly and shiny things) with a note that read, "... but you are a very important part of this huge universe. Just ask your loved ones."

Did I mention best. Secret. Santa. Ever??

And finally, a little stamp pad and a stamp to personalize my books. I mean, it's a day later and I'm still blown away. Heck, my best friends couldn't have put together a more lovely, appropriate, charming package.

And you know what? I got all the way to the end, and I still have NO IDEA who it's all from. I'm beginning to think it's from the real Santa, because even he could take a few pointers from this Secret Santa.

So come out, come out, whoever you are - I'm dying of curiousity!

And thank you for the most extraordinary gifts. Really, I mean it!

Edited once more to add: AHA!! After reading the comments, I started to scour the blogosphere, and my very first guess was right! My brilliant and generous secret santa (best secret santa EVER, you will recall) is one of the funniest people who play in the comment box, Kristina from Freakazojd's Palace. She ROCKS!!!!

Thank you, Kristina! Mwah!!!!!