Monday, January 09, 2006


Blogging for profit

What do you think about getting paid for blogging? I mean, most bloggers I know would jump at the chance (me included, of course). It's the holy grail of blogging, a paid gig.

But at what price? I've been wondering about blog ads like AdSense. Have you ever thought about signing up? With more than 100 hits a day, I'm sure I'd make at least a dime, maybe even a quarter, each month. Actually, I have no idea what the rates are, but it can't be too much because even my favourite bloggers don't seem to be all that much closer to the retirement chalet in Provence.

What do you think of those ads? I have to admit, when I see a blog has ads it immediately knocks my opinion of the blog down an infinitessimal amount - nothing that interesting stories well written wouldn't overcome. But, I am a bit of a snob that way.

And yet, I'm also not independently wealthy, and a part of me wonders why I wouldn't want to have a few extra pennies each month. Anybody have any experience, pro or con, with blog ad programs? I really don't know much about them at all.

And what do you think of blogging for profit? Do those ads change your opinion of a blog?

Speak, for I have nothing worth saying today.